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[2006-10-05] Btree Technology installed Dentrix™ for the New Haven Dental Group in December of 1992. For 18 years since then, Btree Technology has managed the Dentrix™ system for them, eventually upgrading [Read more...]

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DX Chat Room

DX Chat Room

Notes from meeting at NYU in NYC on August 18 2011
02/29/2012 3:13 PM UTC +0000

Notes: Dentrix Enterprise North East Users Group Meeting

From the meeting on August 18, 2011, ...

Notes from meeting in New Hampshire on July 21 2011
02/29/2012 3:10 PM UTC +0000

Minutes : Dentrix Enterprise North East Users Group
July 21, 2011

Attendance at Lindner Dental in New Hampshire ::

Childrens, Connecticut
Dedham, Massachusetts
Dental Associates, ...

Notes from meeting in Providence 4/20/2011
02/29/2012 3:03 PM UTC +0000
See Attachments.

Category: User Group Minutes


  • Notes from Meeting in New Haven November 2010
02/29/2012 2:41 PM UTC +0000

Notes from Boston DXONE user meeting on enhancements and issues, November 2010

Meeting moderated ...

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