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Reporting and System Integration

• Design
• Reporting
• Maintenance
• Televox
• DemandForce
• Integration and Automation

Databases & Development

• Web based, graphical, or scripting applications
• Website consulting
• Ruby / Perl / Python / Java / .NET
• MS SQL Server
• PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQLite

Hardware and Networking

• Design & Installation
• Support & Maintenance
• Data Backup & Restoration
• System Upgrades
• Virus & Spam Filtering
• Network Monitoring

Analysis & Consulting

• E-mail Consulting
• Data Backup & Restoration
• Virus & Spam Management
• Data & System Backup
• System Downtime Prevention

Internet Connectivity / Remote Offices

• Consulting
• Installation
• Support

BTree Technology has focused on comprehensive dental practice and medical office computer systems for the last 14 years. We have helped business startups build custom databases, and we have assisted clients with the installation and configuration of billing and accounting systems. Most recently we have been called upon for specialized reporting, database warehousing and database mining services.


BTree Technology, our consultants and our partners are your computer support team for all aspects of your computer system including hardware and software. We manage your database based systems, provide the custom data reporting you require, will provide specialized programming for you, help you with your accounting system, your e-mail system, and your website. We will make sure that your data and systems are backed up appropriately and we can help you with a disaster recovery plan. BTree Technology works closely with each client to implement the information technologies that will help most effectively.

Our team...

  • are driven professionals with extensive experience working with information systems to improve business operations.
  • have the proven ability to diagnose business deficiencies through data mining and to strategically plan corrective action.
  • are proficient in programming languages, operating systems, network engineering and security, thin client technologies, database management and database design.

Core Qualifications

  • • Business Development
  • • Strategic Planning
  • • Information Technology
  • • Finance
  • • Accounting
  • • Advertising
  • • Negotiation
  • • Database Management